The transgressive female body as a confrontational and self-conscious subject represents the focus of my current artistic practice. In installations and two-dimensional works that address themes of lust and desire, conceptions of beauty and codes of dressing, the female body is being examined in relation to social norms, roles and anxieties of belief systems.
Employing a visual vocabulary that is coined from various sources, ranging from rococo motifs to the iconography of fashion and fetishism, I construct narratives around protagonists indulging in „misbevahiors“ that displace them from sexualized stereotypes. My works show women engaged in exhibitionism, dionysian trespass, fetishistic obsessions or masturbation – bodily practices that have a long tradition of repression in the history of culture.
The representation of such transgressive practices invites to a reflection upon the cultural prejudices of „obscenity“ and „vulgarity“, as well as upon the still present social anxieties regarding the generative and devouring power of women and their bodies.